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Regional Representatives
United StatesInternational

United States Regional Representatives

Region 1 - ME, VT, NH, MA, CT, RI   
Regional Representative - Joanne Poore

Region 2 - NY, PA, NJ
Regional Representative - Lisa Feehery

Region 3 - VA, DE, MD, DC, WV, KY,
Regional Representative - Sue Stokes

Region 4 - OH, IN, MI
Regional Representative - Rylie McHam

Region 5 - IL
Regional Representative - Shannon Rozovics; Tessa Quinlan 

Region 6 - WI, MN, IA, MO, ND, SD, NE, KS
Regional Representative - Todd and Katie Supina

Region 7 - AK, WA, OR, ID, MT, WY
Regional Representative - Colleen Lowell

Region 8 - CA, HI, NV, UT, CO, NM, AZ
Regional Representative - Sarah Porath

Region 9 - TX, OK, AR, MS, LA
Regional Representative - Carol Nation

Region 10 - AL, GA, TN, NC, SC
Regional Representative - Dana Tilton

Region 11 - FL
Regional Representative - Ana Maria Negrette

International Regional Representatives

Africa, South Africa - Derek & Tracy Boshard

Australia, New South Wales - Belinda McDonald

Australia, Northern Territory - Donna Cartwright

Australia, Queensland - Belinda McDonald

Australia, South Australia - Joanne Graetz

Australia, Tasmania - Tammy Donohue

Australia, Victoria - Anne Tiplady

Canada, British Columbia, Northwest Territory, Yukon, Nunavut & Alberta - Alison Kalnicki

Canada, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Provinces - Nick Pomainville

Canada, Manitoba and Saskatchewan - Denis Myers

Europe. Austria - Ursula Pail

Europe. Belgium - Mieke Vanhove

Europe, Denmark - Kamilla Jakobsen        

Europe, England - Pamela Taylor     

Europe, France - Helene Frisch

Europe, Germany - Ute Wolf

Europe, Netherlands - Antal de Waij

Europe, Norway - Ragnhild Eikeland 

Europe, Italy - Lorenzo Cerutti 

Europe, Italy - Francesco Jannon 

Europe, Ireland - Fedelma O’Farrell 

Europe, Poland - Jedrzej Sliwka 

Europe, Portugal - Cecilia & Manuel Branco

Europe, Spain - Joaquin Renovell 

Europe, Spain - Miguel Angel Orquin

Europe, Sweden - Sarah Bergqvist

Europe, Switzerland - Nine Pecoraro

South America, Argentina - Silvina & Luis Olivia

South America, Brazil - Dircelei Pizzi Franca

South America, Peru - Kat Dunin

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